Tips for Making a Marketing Video

Videos have become a necessary marketing tool. Businesses now understand that videos can be a great way to communicate your story and present the more human aspect of the business. It is also easier to put across complicated ideas in a simplified way when you take the video approach. However, even though videos have the ability to quickly engage your audience, they can also bore your viewer if not made in a fun and innovative fashion. Below are some tips that could help you create a compelling marketing video for your business:  


1. Tell an interesting story

Majority of the online marketing videos have a very ‘salesy’ approach and are hence poorly executed and boring. Your job is to capture the attention of your audience and retain it throughout the length of the video. This means the video has to be entertaining! 

Use characterization, design an interesting introduction and in the end, include a teaser or make it appear like a movie trailer. You need to find a way to connect your product or service to a great customer story. For instance, if you’re selling something as basic as notebooks for corporate companies, think about how you can create an animation, build fun characters like a CEO, manager and formulate a plot, instead of solely focusing on the notebook and how it is a useful tool for business management.

2. Focus on the audience

The fact-‘audience rules’- remains unchanged. Whenever you are undertaking any sort of marketing or communications activity/campaign, it is important to have sufficient clarity about who your target audience is.

It is stupid to invest in a video because it is the latest trend in marketing. Be very clear when it comes to the people you wish to reach out to through the video. Is the marketing video aimed at potential customers or for generating leads? Do you wish to increase brand awareness in a specific demographic? Are you looking to build on your position as a thought leader?

These are some of the questions, which you want to consider when deciding to invest in a marketing video. This could be the starting point of a meaningful story for your video!

3. Hire professionals

A lot of brands hire corporate production companies in order to create impactful marketing videos. Business videos are becoming a big trend in the country. If you can manage, it is best to hire professionals for the job. Melty Cone is a professional marketing video production company in NYC. This is actually advisable for almost everything, since they know what they are equipped with the knowledge required to make a professional video.

It is an investment to hire a professional video production crew. However, it can also save you a lot of money since it is less time-consuming. It adds a creative touch to your marketing objectives and you can comfortably focus on the bigger picture, which is the actual marketing activities, rather than dealing with production issues. An added advantage is that the professional company would use the latest technology, effects and whatever else is trending in the market to make your video a stunner.

4.  Give the audience ‘more’

This is perhaps the most difficult part of making an entertaining marketing video. How do you elicit an urge in your viewer to watch more of what you have to offer? They need to have a curiosity about what is to come next. If a brand is successful in accomplishing this goal, there is no way that video would be anything but a ‘hit’. Try and find a way to connect your brand to this kind of content and see the change in the response you get from your audience.

5. Add your official URL

When editing your marketing or business/corporate video, ensure that you utilize various types of editing features. An easy and useful feature is adding text boxes to the video. These text box or boxes allow you to display the address of your website and enhance the exposure and reach of your brand.

A lot of business videos made in the U.S. use text boxes as a way to show key information about the product or company. The inclusion of the website URL somewhere in the video, possibly at the end could prove to be a very smart move.

6.  The importance of a ‘call-to-action’

A company should never forgo the chance to ask their viewers to undertake some kind of action when they reach the end of the video. A simple ‘call-to-action’ can do wonders for your brand. Ask your audience to register for a newsletter subscription or lead them to your website (or another relevant landing page), leave a video comment or check out your blog. You will definitely get their complete attention and you can be sure that your video has made an impact on them. 

7.  Avoid making a redundant sales pitch

The web is full of unending sales clutter. And your business needs to stand out from all this. There is obviously nothing wrong about selling your services or products, but not explicitly. When you are employing video as a tool for marketing, you need to do things differently. This means instead of making an old-fashioned sales pitch, which screams ‘buy our product’, try and state a problem in your video and offer solutions that might help solve that problem. This will automatically gauge the attention of your audience.

8. Use keyword strategies

In order to optimize videos on the YouTube platform, ensure that you make use of keywords in video titles, tags and descriptions. These are small things that can really up the views received for your video. You can use the text pages of your website as a sort of a “map” for search engines like Google. It will enable the search engines to comprehend the content of your videos. Embed your videos into these text pages on your website to increase visibility on the web.

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