How to Use Short Videos for Social Media Marketing

Is the sharing of short videos a part of your social media marketing plan? If it's not you might want to think again. Most of the companies, especially start-ups and smaller brands tend to believe that video marketing is meant solely for bigger brands that have humungous budgets. This might be completely false! If you still haven’t explored the option of using short videos for marketing your business, you might like to have a look at the following opportunities and change your mind.

When we say ‘short’, we mean it. You could get in touch with a commercial production company to help you make an impactful video for your company. Melty Cone is a professional commercial production company in NYC.

It is natural to think about YouTube with the mention of the word ‘video’. But remember it is not the single platform that embraces video content. If you go back and think about the first ever movie trailer which was released using Instagram, you will recall that it only took a short while for business marketers to acknowledge the power and impact of short videos. Besides, consider the ease in sharing the videos on platforms other than simply YouTube. Ever since then, there has been a sea of innovative videos being produced by various brands.

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Lately, short video content has been streamed in a variety of different formats and on range of social media platforms including fifteen second Instavids (Instagram), Vine videos, Facebook videos, Pinterest and so on.

So why are short videos so popular? There are a number of factors which have led to the shift from long to short video content. Social media experts say that it is due to the “snackable” nature of the short videos, which makes them more attractive for the viewers!

These videos are ideal for the everyday hectic lives and short attention spans. Content should be presented in easiest and quickest possible way. Since fans are accessing content using their smartphones and tablets, ‘on-the-go’, shorter content makes greater sense.

Tip #1: Demonstrate something - The ‘how to do’ approach

When you show the viewers how they could perform a task, for example, solving a problem using a product, it becomes an easy way to create an attractive short video.

Take the example of Video Meals. It has accumulated several thousand loyal Instagram fans with the aid of video snapshots that vocal step-by-step instructions to create healthy meals. The quick and easy-to-follow videos help in driving a lot of traffic to Video Meals’ website as well as eBook, as there is a link plucked into the video description. Now, that’s smart social media video marketing.

Heard of split-screen videos? Well, you can easily create them using a simple tool- Pic Play Post!

Some brands face difficulty in distilling their message into the simplest form when creating relevant short videos for their target audience. Lowe’s provides an entire series of brilliant ‘how-to-do’ videos uploaded on Vine and you will be amazed to see what all can be shown in just six seconds.

Tip #2: Show off your skills

Why is Zach King a big success on Instagram and Vine? Zack, who is also called the ‘Final Cut King’, makes unique special-effect videos (almost addictive!), which showcase routine activities, but with an innovative twist. Every video is short and extremely engaging, so you will just not stop after watching one video.

Zach not only showcases his skills, but also includes a call-to-action in the videos. This way he incorporates entertainment and at the same time also brings attention to the business (he basically runs a cloud-based schools, which offers training in various filmmaking techniques, such as special effects).

For majority of the people, it is important to showcase ‘what they are and what they believe’. Use videos to show your target audience your offerings and how they can be of use to them.

Tip #3: Market an event

If you are aware about a popular event/celebration that is fast approaching, it is a highly likely that all your competitors will be gathering relevant content for sharing. But what is the different bit that you can do? Be smart and jump on the celebration or event by creating a short video and posting it for sharing.

Create a video which resonates with your fans and is shareable by various other page owners who had been searching for some good content for posting on social media around the event/festival/celebration.

Lesson: Keep a track of your industry events to create interesting, shareable videos in time!

Tip#4: Launch a brand new product: Explainer videos

Showcasing of products does not require excessive promotion. Try and make it entertaining by engaging your audience and making them naturally curious about the product. There are various explainer production companies that do a brilliant job of explaining your product or service to your customers. Melty Cone is a professional explainer video production company in NYC.

For instance, you could use a video to reveal your latest product or service. Besides being innovative and fun, it has a definite appeal for the curious nature of all humans. Check out the video that HP used for showcasing its new product, Sprout. You actually have to center your launch on the people, more than a product! This is why videos work so well. 

Tip #5: Going behind the scenes

Short corporate videos are fast becoming a fun approach to allow your fans and customers to see the team running the business. This way they get to know how everything works behind the closed doors. Corporate videos are a big trend among companies in the U.S.

Take the example of Constant Contact. They often offer their audience a sneak-peak into who are the people running the company.

Once they shared a very simple video showcasing how they celebrate the ‘Day of Service’. Everybody likes to have an inside view of the company and how the employees enjoy and have fun at work. It also shows how the company supports charity. Brilliant idea!

You could come up with a lot of interesting ideas such as giving a short tour of the office or workspace via a video. Similarly, give bytes of an event that the team is attending or showing the interesting and fun aspect of the business. All these help in grabbing the attention of your fans and others who would like to get connected to your company.

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