How to Put Together an Effective Recruitment Video

Finding the right people to work for your organization is one of the most important tasks you can take up. After all, your employees are the backbone of your company. That’s why it’s never a bad idea to use every resource and idea available to you, when establishing strategies to hire the right talent. 

However, it’s not enough to simply rely on multiple recruitment channels or other common methods of hiring. What you need to do is establish a certain sense of desirability around your organization. 

In the world that we live in, old hiring methods aren’t going to provide the desired results. It is necessary that every organization make the most of the digital media opportunities available to them to create a relevant impact in terms of recruitment. That’s where video production comes in. A video highlighting why it’s great to work for your organization can allow potential recruits to gain a more in-depth view of your organization. Melty Cone is a recruitment video production company in NYC.

So, if you’re wondering what goes into an effective recruitment video, here are a few examples for you to take inspiration from. 

The Shoe Company – Employee Testimonial

The Shoe Company’s recruitment video is definitely one of the more impactful recruitment videos to come out in recent years. In the video, you can see actual employees from the company providing testimonials on how they feel working for the organization. 

It’s a simple concept that’s been executed very well. Employees can be seen discussing topics such as career opportunities within the organization and the overall work environment. The video manages to create a sense of authenticity and allows viewers to connect on a personal level. 

To put it simply, the video establishes trust between the recruits and the organization. 

Hubspot – Inside Story

Hubspot’s recruitment video relies on a different approach. It captures the very essence of what it is like to work in one of the world’s leading software firms. The video contains of real footage depicting the company’s working environment. This allows potential recruits to get a peek at what the company’s work environment is like and how daily operations are executed. 

Considering the fact that Hubspot is known for having a very unconventional work environment, the video, obviously, has a tremendous impact on future employees. 

So, if you’re organization has a unique work environment, don’t hesitate to market that aspect in your recruitment videos. 

Starbucks – Specific Targeting

Image credits - Pixabay

One of the main problems with hiring is that many organizations use a blanket approach, instead of focusing on the people they actually need to hire. Starbucks addresses that issue with their brilliant recruitment video. 

The video focuses on college graduates and students. See the connection here? The audience being spoken to here consists of people who are entering the job market and looking to build their careers. Starbucks’s targeting is spot on. 

The video also highlights how the café chain can be a great place to learn and develop one’s own professional skills. Interns and other employees are depicted as the stars of the video. 
The personal approach is something that does have a profound impact. 

Apple – Standing Out

Apple has always been known to break boundaries and stay away from the path most taken. That’s the core ethos of the technology firm and their recruitment video is no different. The video relies on a unique approach, where the focus is not on the company itself. Rather, it’s on the company’s products, which, of course, is exactly what Apple is known for. 

The video gives recruits an in-depth view of how Apple’s products come into being and that arouses a sense of curiosity in people, which can motivate them. Apart from the products, the video also discusses the opportunities available to employees in the area of future product development. 

Gorilla – Culture

E-commerce firm, Gorilla, tries to incorporate a wide range of topics into its recruitment video. The company highlights its products and the various roles played by its employees. However, the core subject of the video is the work culture followed at Gorilla. The video shows Gorilla’s work culture is responsible for shaping the minds and perceptions of the people working there. 

An important part of any recruitment process is to show potential employees how the system and culture of the organization is essential its growth and also the growth of its employees. 

Shopify – Natural

Another great way to grab a viewer’s attention is to keep things natural. Everything becomes relatable when things are kept natural. That’s exactly what Shopify’s recruitment video has aimed at. The acting in the video is natural, indicating that the employees enjoy a sense of freedom within the company. It’s something that definitely appeals to the potential recruits of today. 

Humana – Short and Simple

Humana’s recruitment video stands purely because of how short it is. The entire video is a little over 60 seconds. The idea behind the video is to focus purely on the core message, which is “why you should work for Humana”. The video keeps things simple and avoids distracting the audience. 

Towards the end, you even come across a segment where people guide recruits on how to actually go about applying for a position at Humana. The inclusion of a Call to Action is a very thoughtful move. 

So, these are some of the best recruitment videos out there. They give us an idea of what elements need to be incorporated to make a truly successful recruitment video. Start taking notes!

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