How to Put Forward a Corporate Video Proposal?

You need to provide an excellent pitch to your prospective client before you land their corporate video. The pitch that is required is the one that convinces your future client that you are the best option they have. A well-prepared proposal has to go beyond something that is written on paper.

Uninteresting and generic proposals lead to a lot of opportunities that go missing, where very busy clients don't have time to read through all the proposals put forth to them.

In the business of video production, the biggest challenge for you is the ability to get to the next level and step up your game to compete with other companies. The toughest part of this kind of business is to be able to secure a client. It is essential to know how to prepare a pitch or proposal that your client cannot refuse to ensure success in this venture. A well-researched and thought out plan that depicts your creativity will boost your company’s image. Here are some ways that could help you put your video proposal at an advantage

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1. Present your proposition clearly

Your pitch or proposal must always reflect what is real and direct when you are presenting it to a prospective client. The description and details of how you plan on going about the project have to be mentioned clearly.

Before drafting a proposal, it is beneficial to know about the background of the company you want to work with. Prospective clients will appreciate it when you have researched to provide them with the best corporate video. By doing this, you show them that you understand what their business wants and needs are, and you reflect how dedicated you are.

Differentiating between your work and your goal to help your client's revenue increased is necessary. You need to find a creative way or approach to making your pitch connect with your potential customers.


2. Be an expert in subject-matter

You would want to showcase your company's expertise regarding the subject-matter. It can be successfully done by showing how you are capable of providing unique corporate video projects that are specifically designed and directed for your client. The more you can prove to them that you have various video ideas in your pocket, their interest in hiring you for their corporate video projects increases.


3. Do not make the boring statement of work bit, instead offer them other benefits.

Once you've identified the client's issues or needs, it's time for you to offer your solution and persuasive way to go about this is to stick to language clients who will appreciate and understand. Instead of putting across the services you would provide in a list, you also connect each one to benefits. You tell a story about how your services will create a solution to the problem you have identified.


4. Create a proposal with details and in person

If you are planning to give a pitch for corporate video services to a client, do it yourself. There is no substitute for the best kind of communication which is talking to physically talking face to face. By doing so, you have an opening and the communication between you and your client flows better. You are open to welcoming their questions and clarifications regarding your ideal and authentic approach to the project. At the same time, you find awareness from their feedback about your ideas.


5. Be clear and let your prospective client know what they need to know after going through your proposal.

A lot of people leave this question unanswered because things are left open-ended, the clients who are interested put the proposal aside, mean to follow up later, but often never do.

After you've gone through all the other elements in your proposal, navigate and set guidelines that you want the client to follow, to ensure that they remember you and your proposal, and eventually hire you.

Eliminate any amount of obstacles as possible, for example, instead of compelling your clients to send you a signed copy of the proposal physically, give them the option to sign and submit it electronically. Every potential obstacle that is identified and removed increases your chances of the client following through.

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