How to Create a Hit-Worthy Explainer Video

Before we jump onto why your company should invest in video services offered by a video production company to craft you an explainer video, let’s understand what an explainer video is. An explainer video is a short video that explains the functionality of the products or the services you offer. It tells potential customers why they should engage with your company. While you can always do this explaining on text, a video is more efficient in getting the message across. If the person scrolling through your website or social media page is in a hurry, they won’t have the time required to read through paragraphs of why they should purchase your product/service. Plus, a video is always more engaging than plain text. It allows you to create an aesthetic for the client to grasp your brand image better.

The sheer success of promoting your business via an explainer video can be comprehended when you refer to companies like Dropbox which was able to make a 10% conversion hike depending on a single explainer video on their homepage. However, since an explainer video is the first thing any visitor to your webpage will notice, you must be careful when you go about developing it. If you don’t have the necessary skill or experience, it is wiser to hire a video production agency to do the job for you.

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That said, if you want to learn how to create an explainer video that will earn your company more conversions, here’s how -

Tips on Creating an Explainer Video for Conversions

·             Get an outsider to pen the script – You want a fresh outlook on your company which an employee won’t be able to provide. If you’re hiring outside help in the form of a video agency or a video production freelancer, they can do this for you. Also, make sure that this script is easy to understand and accessible to the audience. You don't want to make the video too cryptic and alienate your audience. Communicate beforehand with the developer in charge of this video and tell them precisely what you want the video to convey.

·             Keep it Short – The explainer video should pique your audience's attention enough for them to move on to other pages of your website. Don't try to explain every aspect of your product/service offering in this video. Research has shown, the longer the video, the less attention your video will get from the viewer.

·             Address the customer’s pain points – Your explainer video will only be successful in making conversions if it can offer your product/service as a solution to the customer's pain points. Briefly address these, introduce your product/service offering and inform how this product/service is to be used. In the end, include a Call to Action for the customer to elicit the explainer's intended response.

·             Don’t use technical jargon – Nothing is more self-defeating when introducing your product invention to the market than using technical jargon and confusing the customer. If you are using professional video production services from elsewhere, specify to them that you want your product benefits enlisted in the video, not the product specifications.

·             Make it entertaining – You want your video to resonate with the audience and stay on in their memory. If you make your video very technical and formal, it won’t be able to achieve this. Have some fun with your explainer video. Try to shake things up by adding a little humor and relatability to the video content. The more the audience relates to the video, the more they are likely to remember it for longer.

Types of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos can be of several kinds – a live-action video with customers trying out your product, a screencast for explaining how to navigate a software or such like, an animation video or even a whiteboard video. It’s up to you to pick the one that is most compatible with your brand and its products/services. Also, keep in mind the platform that will be most appealing to your client base.

If you’re on the lookout for video production agencies to hire, you will be spoilt for choice in NYC. Pick and choose from a wide variety of video services and create an explainer video that will multiply your website hits.

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