Video Marketing Strategy for Non-Profits

While the corporate world has adopted video marketing to a great extent, non-profits are still skeptical about it. Non-profits usually function on a budget and are reluctant to spend a lot on their marketing endeavors. They think of video marketing as an added expense and prefer to forego it. However, there's nothing like a well-executed video to give you the ROI you want. Videos can serve to convey your non-profit's story, appeal to the audience's emotions far more effectively than copy, show the impact of your organization, and help you get more donations. So, if you belong to a non-profit that has shirked video marketing so far, you should reconsider. A small-time video production company or video production agency can develop an engaging video to market your organization for an affordable sum. If your marketing team doesn’t have the skill-set required for video production, you can always outsource the job to a video agency. A professional video production services provider will make sure they understand your needs from them and proceed to developing a video catering to your demands.


A low-down on an effective video marketing strategy for Non-Profits

Once you have decided to incorporate video marketing into your marketing plan, it helps to figure out a long-term strategy to refer to, when making videos to market your organization. Think of this strategy as a checklist to screen videos before putting them up for consumption by the audience. Curious how to come up with a video marketing strategy for your non-profit organization that will work? Read on below for a handful of pointers to help you out -

·             Narrow down on the objective of your video – Do you want to reach out to more people? Do you want more people to come and work for your organization? Or is the goal to increase your donor base? Whatever be the objective, it’s best to focus on any one rather than developing a single video to generate all. If the goal is to generate more funding, the approach should be one where you specify how and where the funding will be invested and what good it will do in the long run.

·             Use storytelling – Videos facilitate storytelling better than most other online platforms. Do you want to appeal to the audience emotionally? Include volunteers and beneficiaries of the organization into your video. Ask them to speak about how your organization impacts them. Storytelling creates a bond between the storyteller and the audience. If you can influence the emotions of the viewer, you can rest assured they will respond to your CTA.

·             Use statistics – Yes, emotionality is vital in content to engage the audience but so are cold hard facts. If your organization has been able to benefit a certain percentage of the affected population, bring this statistic to light in the video. Try to educate the audience about why donating to your cause is important, how the organization goes about working for this cause and how much your individual support could help.

·             Re-share on social media – So, you’ve enlisted the video services of a video production company to create a marketing video for your non-profit but haven't shared this video on social media. You won't be noticing a lot of traction to your organization's webpage. Posting this video on your webpage itself will not help you reach the masses. In order to get the word out, you have to publish it across several social media channels. You can then ask the share of the audience identifying with your cause to share this on their pages. That's how more and more people will come to learn of the good work your non-profit has been doing.


Non-profits can benefit a good amount from having a video marketing plan in place. The upfront cost of hiring a video production agency to develop marketing videos for them may be a little steeper than writing copy in-house for their website, but the returns from video marketing more than justify the investment. Still unsure whether you require video production services? Just look around at some of the bigger organizations in your industry niche, and that should give you reason enough to start!

Lucas Chu

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