Aerial Drone Cinematography for Video Marketing

Drones For Video Marketing

Filmmakers frequently find it difficult to connect with their intended audience. This progressively gets harder with time's passage as the advent of digital video production has resulted in generating high quantities of content. The audience goes through varied content at speed, switching between different formats. It follows that producing content is not enough. It must be a compelling one. The content must also appear authentic. If not, the content will be ignored.


Influencing buying decisions

Video production is one of the most popular pillars of digital marketing strategy. Consumers find it interesting. Businesses have discovered its almost visceral power and the statistics are present to back up such a hypothesis. Here's one: potential consumers' chance of clicking content rise by 300 percent if there is a video embedded in the overall content. About 64 percent of final purchasers made the buying decision after viewing the respective video. The presence of a video in real estate linkings says it all. Chances of buying a property, both residential and commercial, rise by 400 percent when a video comes with the content. This is where drone marketing comes in.

Drone footage has caught the imagination of multiple filmmakers. For those sitting in the sidelines, wondering about whether purchasing or leasing a drone for film shooting makes sense, there are a number of clinching evidence to say yes. The foremost among them it puts your company ahead of the competition given every other factor remains the same. It is to be noted that drone footage has meshed with Virtual Reality or VR. It is a surety that VR will go mainstream within the next couple of years. No wonder many Social Media companies have heavily invested in drones and VR technologies. For a consumer, drone footage provides the perfect view of the assets he or she may buy.


Web and beating competitors

If you are not too concerned about VR in the near future, then count on drones to offer an unforgettable web experience. Even the most jaded of consumers agree that viewing from the drone camera sight makes a captivating experience. It means potential customers are entrapped during the time of viewing the video. You can use this power to hold on to a browser who lands on a website and keep the person there until they make a purchase. The barest minimum they can do is to fill a lead form. It is clear that a number of small businesses can seize this opportunity to garner the attention of probable clients at a vital moment. Real estate companies make the maximum use of drones to sell properties.  Viewer engagement increased by 400 percent after drone footage was inserted into any real estate marketing website.

Drone video also makes any company stand out from its competitors. It makes an excellent marketing tactic. Savvy business concerns make their dream videos look like a documentary. The viewer enjoys the first-person engagement. Since not many companies have invested in drones, the audience would be attracted to those who did. Done the correct way, an advertisement drone video could even go viral, garnering million or more views.


A big plus of drone footage is you can portray an age-old story in a much better manner. Shooting with drones helps to capture shots which are impossible to capture in any other way. Such an advantage injects new life into construction project videos, customer profiles, partner profiles, and product demonstrations. You can also connect with more customers by making behind-the-scenes shoots. It is not only fun but engaging as well. Use a drone to capture slices of life within the office and follow one person wherever he or she goes.

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