Directing Quick One Minute Videos

Directing a one minute video is not a hard task if you are experienced and instinctively know which segment holds audience attention and which does not. You also need comprehensive technical knowledge to deliver an arresting final product. A better one minute video is an end result of both technical expertise and the ambient weather on the shooting date.


Proper equipment

Insist on using a tripod. This will make your video production look smart and professional even with cheaper, amateur equipment. Do not zoom in or zoom out frequently. Keep the camera work as sparse as possible. The adage of "less is more" is applicable to video services as well. Keep clear of the deadly temptation to play with the camera features. This is permissible if you know what you are going to do. If you have less experience on how to go about things, touch the equipment only when it is desperately needed. For trick shots like a person running, push the camera in a trolley beside the main character. It will work quite well. The best thing is that you and your team will have ample fun in the process

Prior to starting your video production, ensure that there is sufficient quantum of light in the shooting spot. Hollywood in California transformed into a global filmmaking capital due to the surfeit of natural sunlight. Of course, you can shoot without good sunlight, but it will jack up the production expenses. Another tip for success: storyboard the film. Once you finish the flow, it will be much easier to direct it. The directing process becomes a painless one.


Be different

Notice the difference between a great director and an ordinary one. Do not follow the herd when it comes to shooting angles. Try new perspectives. The results will in most cases be spectacular. Keep in mind the subject of the video you direct. If it deals with romantic subjects, think about the moment you fell in love with someone. Recreate that moment with the lens. Project your soul to the reel world and audience will lap it up, Honesty is much more attractive than fictional lies.

Do not hesitate to experiment. If it means discarding conventions. Junk the tripod if required, Tripod shots can turn out to be lethally dull for an one-minute video production. The advantage of a tripod can be its disadvantage. Since anyone can better a shot using a tripod, the end products are homogeneously good and boring. Conversely, filming by hand needs more technique, and the result is a film bursting with life. In case you are unsure of yourself, and cannot take risks with money, use a Steadicam, Ronin or Easyrig. Use this technological equipment to shoot fast motion video production scenes. If you are technically proficient, you can make one yourself with minimal expense.


Whatever you do, do not think of editing from the first day. Shoot the video first. Edit it only after shooting gets completed. If you are afraid of missing something, keep the camera on. Remember that most filmmakers got into the industry as they are in love with the medium. Always shoot from your heart. The story you want to portray through the one minute video is your vision. It is yours and yours alone. You can narrate your story either badly or in an excellent manner. Tell the story you wish to tell it. Take your camera, get a few pieces of equipment and start the video production. Shoot from your heart and everything will automatically fall into place. Make the story your own and turn it into a vision. Project the vision into the world.

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