Hair and Makeup - Look Good in Videos!

You must look your best in videos, the only exception if you are not supposed to be. The moving image must compliment your look. It is not hard to do this. You just need to know a few tricks to ensure you look good both off camera and on it.

Looking good means more than wearing an outfit that flatters your figure. The makeup you wear must fit your smile and the way you talk on-screen. If such concepts intimidate you, and you want to approach the best makeup artist to do magic, relax. You can beautify yourself without any help. Looking good is just a few strokes away.

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Similar to any academic examination, your best look can only be had with substantial preparation. To look good in front of the camera, you need to have excellent skin. The trick is to make the final preparations the night before the day of shooting. Exfoliate with a gently abrasive scrub or any non-abrasive liquid. After this is done, apply your preferred moisturizer. Do not skimp on the quantity of the moisturizer. The result will be a refreshed and plump looking skin. On the day of the shoot, apply moisturizer only if your skin is extremely dry. Do not do this if you have an oily skin. Do prime yourself. Take a primer and create a smooth starting point for the look, Select the primer you like and know.

The next step is to set foundation. Use a light powder to secure it. Choose a foundation with translucent finish if you like a matte look. If you prefer glow, go for luminous finish. Contour is important in videos. This is as flash photography can delete your face's structural definition. It is apparent that a slight shading with contouring powder application will assist you to appear better defined. If this is not done, then the result could be an unusable one. Use one with matte finish. This is as matte adds depth after it recedes. Do use medium sized brush to dust a few bronzer under cheekbones. Repeat the procedure under jawline and along temples. Use branded makeup tools for this purpose. You have a choice of multiple shades.


Applying highlight is vital. This must be done after you finish contouring. Add a little lightness by applying the highlighting cream. Do these on top of cheekbones. Repeat on cupid's bow. Use a better quality highlighter for this purpose. Do not forget to add flush. This is the final touch on the skin. The purpose is to add color on cheeks. The correct procedure is to apply it a little in the cheeks so that it appears like a healthy glow. You should try for the maximum natural look. Take the color which you flush naturally. Most companies sell a wide variety of shades for this purpose.

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Any person knows the beauty of the eye. Do not go for the default black and smoky eye. Opt instead for softer tones like eggplant, grey, brown, or navy. These colors are less harsh. Prime lids with eye primer. After you do that, apply waterproof or long-lasting liner. Once dried, get an eyeshadow in similar tone. Smudge it over liner. Proceed along lower lashline using flat brush. These procedures will set liner. A smokier look will also be a result. After all this is done, use a bigger brush to blend shadow upwards on to the lid. Extend it to the crease. Do note that use waterproof formula if you cry frequently. Add a few lashes at each eye's outer corner. This will provide a subtle and tasteful cat-eye effect.

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