Five Types of Videos That You Should Definitely Make

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There is little doubt about the fact that you will need videos as part of your marketing and promotional campaigns. The question here then is what kind of videos do you make? As far as commercial videos go there are many types, from infomercials to explainer videos, but which ones should you make? How many should you make? Where will you put them and how will you prioritize the production in terms of which ones get made first? These are important questions that you should be able to answer well before you get down to building your website as well as your campaign. 

1. Homepage/landing page video

A homepage video is one that will greet viewers as soon as they open the website. It can also be the video that viewers see first when the open your YouTube channel, it can be set on auto play. Homepage videos should be short, capture the viewer and possibly explain the features of the website. It should also be welcoming as the person on the homepage video is pretty much the face that the visitor will identify with the brand. Visitors should want to learn more just by looking at the video. The best type of video production company for landing page videos is one that specializes in professional web video production like Melty Cone in NYC.

2. The team

For the most part, people make buying decisions based on the company, not necessarily their product. Don't agree with that statement? When was the last time you, or anybody you know made an unbiased research of the market, factored in a number of detrimental variables, and through statistical interpretation of gathered data found out which shampoo is the best one to buy? People buy from brands that they like, it is that simple. A video that shows off your team, your office, and the kind of work culture you have is likely to get a lot of people on your side. Make a 'meet the team' video, it will be fun and set the tone. 

3. Explainer videos

People always like to try before they buy. In fact, search queries that begin with 'How to' have increased by 70% over the last two years They will ask people they know, read reviews, and watch videos. You are the most informed person about your product, so a product video made by you will be more informative than anyone else's. Show how to use it, make it seem as realistic as possible and explain in your own way how it is better than the competition. Melty Cone is a professional explainer video production company in NYC.

4. Video series and discussions

Create a video series or a playlist where you can make regular updates- it can be weekly or a biweekly update, whatever is comfortable for you. A good way to do this will be to use one or more of your products in everyday situations, it can be short, about a minute or so long. There need not be any real set theme to these videos, it can even be an update video, where you inform the audience about what happened since the last video, a small preview on what is in store, a behind scenes sneak peek, or even a gag reel. 

An interesting thing to do will be to address issues. Some video in the past may have rustled some feathers, made a point that someone in your audience had trouble with, or a long argument could have broken out in the comments section. In comment sections, it is not uncommon for people to be hateful or bashful towards the views of others and everything said can be twisted to some thing that will offend someone out there. It is bound to happen and there is really no need for you, as the creator of the video to be affected by it, but if you feel that things have gotten out of hand or that it may affect your business or the mindset of your fans, then you may have to resolve it. A secondary playlist can be the perfect place to do something like this.   

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5. Testimonials 

Customer and client testimonials can be a powerful way to market products, but getting it just right is a tricky thing. Here are two things to remember before going in for customer testimonials. 

- Timing is everything

You do not want to seem fake, over zealous, or on the opposite end- outdated. Putting out customer testimonials early will not be genuine in any way. The product is not out in the market long enough, not people know about the product, and the product could not have created a big impact with users. Conversely, a really late testimonial is of really no use at all as the product will have become passe by then.

- Find the right customer 

Regular, repeat customers are the ones you should look for. Customers who engage with you often and are not very biased will be perfect. Look through product pages for active customers. If you can, get them to come over to your offices for a recording, if it is too far, then going over to their place, recording them in their own personal space will make it that much more genuine. 

Do not, under any circumstance fake it. Hiring actors to make testimonials with written scripts is not just unethical, it may just move people away from the brand. 

In all reality though, there are no set rules or formulas to follow, the above list is more of a guideline that will help you make the most of a video production. The list will help you create a number of playlists and a library of content that will and can be very informative and useful. If you do, however, end up making all of the mentioned types of videos, it puts you on a better stance and on a platform where your customers, fans, and even the competition will be keen to follow you and keep themselves updated with what your business is up to.  

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