How Video Helps Your Business Boost Sales

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90 percent of those who shop online have said that their decision to purchase can be influenced if there is a video accompaniment to the product. 73 percent of online shoppers are likely to buy a product if the description has a video explaining how it works or highlights its features. Given a chance, most people online would rather watch a video than read a page of text on how a product works. In fact, while browsing, users are more likely to skip through the text on a web page if they do not find it interesting. It takes ten seconds for website visitors to decide whether or not they like what they see. So if you are looking to market your product, the first step is adding relevant pictures and for a much greater impact, including a video. 

How does video help? 

Google's search results ranking uses many variables for its analytic procedures and a big part of ranking any website is the amount of time people spend on it. Marketing videos help a lot in keeping people on your website for longer. They are among the main reasons for the surge in the number of businesses using videos to market their products. The internet has made it possible for any business to reach every kind of market, as long as customers are convinced that the product is worth it. 

There are thousands of businesses in the market today and most of them offer several lines of products. The general population is being regularly bombarded with a lot more information that they can handle, on a day to day basis. Businesses have to get through a lot of noise and reach their customers and a sure shot way of doing just this is through a video. There are seemingly mundane videos online featuring people talking about everyday products raking in millions of views. If you are running a business, think of this – 80 percent of all those who watch a video are able to recall it at a later time. Here are some more reasons to use a video for marketing your business. 

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Videos can be very personal

A video can be made to look and sound like you are talking directly to your clients. With the help of a video production, it will be possible to help your target market put a face to your product and give it a personality. Apple made a number of videos where Steve Jobs himself explained how to use their phones and tablets; they were memorable and helped the company build a loyal customer base that bought the products with confidence. If a person can relate to your videos, you already have made a customer. 

Conversion rates

In a recent survey, it was found that 85 percent of people are likely to buy a product when it is accompanied with a video. Explainer videos as they are known, can help keep a tally of the number of people visiting your website and how many of them are interested in the product. The numbers can then be analyzed to find how many viewers eventually turn out to become actual customers. The number of views on a particular video will also show you which product or service your target groups are interested in or prefer watching. The Old Spice campaign, for example, with the 'Old Spice guy' was viewed by over 40 million people, boosting the company's sale by over 100 percent soon after. Melty Cone is a professional commercial advertising production company in NYC.

Eliminates any misinterpretation 

If you run a small business and have a new product to introduce, you will have to make it stand out from the hordes of existing similar items in the market. The uniqueness of what you intend to sell should get across to your customers without any chance of misinterpretation. It is easy for a person who is looking at your product for the first time to dismiss it as a clone of a number of existing offerings. A video, on the other hand can take your point across clearly and give people a better understanding of your product or service. 

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Tells a story 

Every video, when made by a professional video production will help you tell a story. Melty Cone is a professional brand video production company in NYC. A good video will have a lot more than just a series of clips on how your product or service works. There are many videos online that look and feel like you are reading an instruction manual. They are boring and even if someone manages to sit through till the end, he/she will not watch it again and may not share it or recommend it to others. You will need a professional to shoot, edit, record the sound and make the video presentable and engaging enough to draw in your target audience. 

Videos get shared

A video has to be funny, informative, shot-well, interesting, and thought provoking for it to be a hit with the customers online. While it is not possible to have all of that in one clip, it should at least have one or two of these elements. A small business can do well if it can find a niche for its product. The target is not just reaching numbers in views, but translating to sales at the same time. 

Brand loyalty

You can build a loyal fan base for your product through a number of videos. It has been found that over 60 percent of people will watch a video on a web page if it is embedded on the site and if they like it, over 40 percent will share it either on their social media page or through email. An expertly crafted video can draw subscribers. When people will discuss it, your brand will get to be a part of people's conversations, which is a big win. 

Apart from the above mentioned pointers, videos can also be monetized, meaning the more people view them, the more money you can make out of them. A successful video will eventually pay for itself. So if you run a small business, definitely consider using a video as a part of your marketing campaign. A well-made, interesting video is sure to raise interest in your product and boost sales.

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