Actors or real people for a charity video?

There are many non-profit organizations that exist today and continue to rise in number. The primary cause for this increase is social understanding and an enhanced awareness of socio-economic crises  thanks to the internet and various social media platforms. Many well-known conglomerates and multinationals support these organizations by contributing in any way possible, be it monetarily or through solidarity. In fact, a lot of companies allocate a separate budget just for charity. With more firms expressing their interest towards non-profit agendas, there’s also been a boom in video marketing to spread the word all around the globe. This is where Melty Cone Video comes in, who  creates impactful videos according to what each organization would require.                                                 

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Why do people make charity videos?

Nowadays, with the life that everyone leads, online platforms are one of the best ways to  promote social issues and give the people a chance to help out in whatever capacity. Designing a video with a diverse and hard-hitting message is a top priority these days. The theme and tone need to be of high-quality and the video production should translate into results that are effective. Charity videos are essential in showcasing what the organization is all about and how they make an impact on the cause.

Is it better to use actors for a charity video or real-life examples?

There is a lot that goes into the production of a video that needs a strong message. The combination of pictures, dialogue and music culminates into a powerful medium that can captures people’s imaginations and stirs emotions. 

Depending on the message, organizations have to decide whether they are going to use actors or real-life examples for their videos. The decision has to be made based on video production process, quality of the video, and the impact that it needs to generate.

Advantages of using actors for a charity video

There are a couple of reasons behind the need for actors in a charity video, and some of them are highlighted below.

1. Production value

With actors who can naturally enact scenarios or spread messages, it doesn't take much time to film and shoot. This reduces the effort that the production team would take when they are shooting individuals with ample experience in front of the camera. Actors are well-trained and can perform flawlessly.

2. Professionalism

Actors are highly skilled and can act on a queue without a prompter, which aids in productivity and getting the perfect shot under a time schedule.

3. A wide range of emotions and acting ability

When you hire actors for your video shoot, you can expect a range of emotions that are realistic and translate into moving and impactful video. These shots  are also quicker for the post-production crew to edit as they will be easier to put together.

Advantages of using real-life people in a charity video

Real life situations and people who depict their natural conditions in a charity video can be very hard-hitting and push people towards empathy.

1. Video quality value

With real-life people sharing their testimonials and real-life experiences situations, whether it's related to cancer, a fatal hereditary disease, or any other insurmountable difficulty or cause they are fighting for, the video sends out a more authentic message that isn't scripted. It fuels the viewer's emotions and sparks a desire in the audience to donate and spread awareness about the cause on a much deeper level.

2. Reliability quotient

As human beings, we have a tendency to relate to ideas and circumstances, so when there are people sharing their truth in honesty and trying to make a difference, the video becomes a lot more appealing to the general public.

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