Types of Videos You Should Explore for Social Media Video Marketing

Social media video marketing is currently the most effective social media marketing technique in the market. It gives the best ROI out of all other social media marketing techniques. Diminishing public attention span means nobody has the patience to read through an entire article anymore. They want the message served to them short and sweet. Video enables this. So if you haven’t incorporated videos into your social media marketing strategy yet, it’s high time you do. The results will be apparent. The thing to note though is, every social media channel functions differently. What performs well in one may not necessarily have the same effect in another. So what does one do then? One learns about the various kinds of videos that work for social media and assesses which is most suited for their marketing purposes. Want to find out which video you should use as part of your social media video marketing strategy? Read along.

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  • How to- videos- Tutorial videos are brilliant performers on social media. These generally teach you about a topic or show you how to use something. They are also among the most shared on social media. If you wish to boost your audience engagement, simply come up with a how-to video related to the product/service you want to sell. Make sure your video is short and engaging.

  • Live videos – Live streaming allows you to directly communicate with your customers. If you’ve managed to amass a following on any social media handle, create a live video as part of your social media video marketing strategy. You can use live videos to share updates on new product offerings, events and announcements. If you can get into the practice of a daily live video schedule, your audience engagement will know no limits. You can use long live video meetups for learning more profoundly about your audience base.

  • Info videos – Like How-to videos, these videos add value to audience life too. They can be on a range of topics. It’s good to have a social media video archive of meaningful and indispensable content. Now, informational videos can get a little tiresome but if delivered well, they not only get watched but also shared.

  • Behind-the-scenes videos – Yes, customers today seek to consume from businesses that they can relate to at some level. Behind-the-scenes videos are a way to bring in this reliability. When you allow them an informal glance at your company office and show them what goes on behind closed doors, they begin to loosen up to you and consider you as one of their own. The formality chips away. The relationship doesn’t strictly stay transactional anymore. Now, they are looking at you for good content.

  • User videos – Nothing works wonders for a business quite like having another user put up a video of themselves, testifying to your claims that your product/service is in fact good. The kind of sales such a video would spur is incredible. It encourages their friends and acquaintances to sample the product as well. So, next time maybe request customers to record and share their experience with your offering on your business social media page.

  • Interview videos – Interview videos can achieve the same purpose as user videos. You can use it to gauge where your business/marketing efforts are going wrong, the improvements necessary to better your service and in general find out about public reception of your business. You can also invite personalities from your industry niche for an informal interview video and talk about a related topic.

  • Product/service promotional videos – Customers report to often making buying decisions based on videos they’ve watched advertising a certain product/service. If you’re utmost confident in the selling potential of some of your products/services, craft a video to promote it and check if the sales/demand for these go up.

You cannot have an effective social media marketing strategy without including video marketing practices. That said, discussed above are some suggestions on kinds of videos that are most popularly consumed. So if you’re planning to start your social media video marketing, these are a few safe options to begin with. Try them out.

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