We Make Great Video Content for a Digital Mobile World.



The best way to tell a story is through video. We make videos that people love to share for companies, startups, agencies and established brands.

Melty Cone is one of the best video production companies in NYC. We make videos from start to finish; from creative idea conception to final video delivery. These videos live on the internet, web, online and mobile devices. Our simple, affordable and beautiful commercial brand videos help companies better engage customers, clients, employees and investors. 

What types of video do we produce?: Commercial advertisements (web commercials, tv commercials), brand videos, branded content, corporate videos, crowdfunding videos (kickstarter, indiegogo, crowdfunder), mobile videos, mobile content, product videos, demo videos, web videos, viral videos, instructional videos, explainer videos, social media videos (facebook, instagram, youtube), teaser videos, marketing videossizzle reels, virtual reality videos, 360 videospromo videos, training videos, ceo and employee profile videos, pitch videos, immersive videosfundraising videos, recruitment videos, integrated videos, live event videos and more!



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