Tech Videos: NYC, New York, New Jersey


Melty Cone creates tech videos in NYC, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. While video production has a very creative side to it, it also has a very technical side to it. Therefore, it’s important to learn about the different types of equipment used and the different editing software that’s out there for video production.  

Different types of lighting can create different types of moods for a viewer, but if a filmmaker doesn’t understand how to create this, it won’t turn out right. Also, light can sometimes create awkward-looking shadows that are distracting for a viewer. It’s important to know how to fix this as the natural light changes throughout the day. 

Viewers need to hear what’s being said in the video. Sometimes when the audio is too loud (which can happen) it can distract from the message. If it’s too low (which can also happen) then people can’t hear the message the filmmaker wants to convey.

Editing is the second-to-last stage in filmmaking and this is where any problems that weren’t caught during the production phase can come to light; if the audio or lighting are done incorrectly, they'll need to be re-shot. Also, there are many different types of editing software out there and it’s important to find one that you’re comfortable with. Once you find it, you need to learn it inside and out.  

Once you learn all about the technical side of filmmaking, you should be able to start filming. However, remember that there’s always something new to learn when making film and video.