Pre-Production Services: NYC, New York, New Jersey


Melty Cone provides Pre-Production Services in NYC, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. Melty Cone offers variety of services to its huge number of clientele expanded over the globe. Our dedication, commitment and distinctive functioning style in all our projects makes us the most aspired among other contenders around. Our clients prefer our services because we have proved ourselves the most remarkable visual content creator in town.

To create an ideal video, pre-production services are something we cannot overlook. Pre-production services are just like nurturing a kernel before waiting for the fruit. One need to take care of all sorts of idea from the clients as well as the production team. No idea is small when we are in the initiation phase of producing a video. Storyboarding, script writing and teams’ visual capabilities to perceive the video before it is there actually are all integrated services of the pre-production phase.

Melty Cone offers everything one can think of in terms of pre-production services. Our trained team of experts is working round the clock to provide all the pre-production services to our clients in a professional and convenient manner. We completely focus on the concept development process and thus assist our clients with best pre-production services ever.