Fitness Video: NYC, New York, New Jersey


Melty Cone creates Fitness Videos in NYC, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut.

Is your business part of the fitness industry? Are you having a hard time generating profits? Well, it’s probably because you aren’t leveraging the one thing that all your competitors and several other businesses are – the power of video.

Yup, you heard that right – video.

This is the age of video marketing and if you aren’t riding the video wave right now, you’re missing out on a lot. At Melty Cone Video NYC, we believe that the best way to boost your fitness brand is by creating fitness-themed videos. 

Here’s why!

Video has certain properties that allow it to hold its own as an effective marketing tool. This includes the ability to attract attention, the ability to evoke emotions, and better clarity.

Getting your customers to pay attention is a challenge, but, a challenge that can be overcome with video. Video helps you communicate your message far more effectively than any other content format. Your customers would rather watch a 5-minute video than read 1000 words of textual content.

So, if you want them to engage, you need to use video.

Secondly, videos get a better emotional reaction than written or spoken content. This isn’t just a blank statement. There are enough statistics out there to validate this. For instance, one study found that 64% of customers would opt to buy a product after viewing a video of it. Similarly, the video has been found to boost e-mail click-through rates by 300%.

Finally, video communicates ideas and messages with far more clarity. Considering the fact that 65% of your consumers are likely to be visual learners, this particular ability matters a lot. If you want your customers to know what you’re talking about, choose video over text because they’ll find it much easier to follow.

In one study, it was found that a 60-second video was equal to 1.8 million words of textual content in terms of information volume. What that means is you could probably explain every aspect of your product/service in a short video and save your business plenty of time and money.

We can help you!

So, if you were ever in need for a fitness video for your fitness brand, Melty Cone would be the name to remember. We are video production company based in New York City and fitness videos are one of the product categories we specialize in.

We follow a careful process involving planning and budgeting in order to deliver the best fitness videos to our clients.

Other than that, we also make it a point to know what our clients want. That’s why we spend hours with them, discussing their ideas and requirements. Based on these discussions, we create strategies that help us move forward with the creation of the fitness video.

If you are interested in knowing more about our fitness video production services, please get in touch with us. We are more than ready to help you out.

We are an effective production team that can deliver exceptional quality.

When making a fitness video, as with any video-making process, planning ahead and budgeting is everything.

When it comes to fitness training videos, and with any video, it’s important to meet with the client first to figure out what it is that they want. After this, make a spreadsheet to determine the overall budget; this will help you to learn what you can and cannot do. For example, you should decide if you want the workout video to feature a series of workouts or one workout. This will make a difference in the overall cost and your budget.  

Truthfully, if everything is planned out correctly, the production process will be a lot more fun. This will lead to a relaxed crew and cast, which makes for a better workout video. Adding to that, it’s important that the trainer is upbeat and fun on camera. The energy needs to be high so that the viewers will enjoy themselves while getting a great workout. All of this is accomplished when planning is done correctly and efficiently.

One production company that understands this process wholeheartedly is Melty Cone Video. We work with our clients from beginning to end. We understand how to smoothly manage a production because we handle everything from start to finish. This is important when dealing with a production crew; communication is easier, which makes collaboration easier. This, in turn, makes filming easier and more enjoyable, resulting in a great product.