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Melty Cone is a Comedy Video Company in NYC, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut.

The old marketing adage 'sex sells' is now slowly fading away. Even Carl's Jr, known exclusively for their unnecessarily sexy ads have announced their move away from the risque side of advertising. What has, however not changed at all are funny ads. Comedy sells, promotes, and informs better than any other style of video, so it is important that your promotional videos are funny.

People like to laugh

Think of the most watched video of all time. According to YouTube analytics, 'Gangnam Style' has been seen over 2,147,483,647 times, it literally broke YouTube's counter and stalled at that number. What is so special about that video? Sure, it is a catchy tune, but the sheer comedic timing of the video is what really made it so shareable. The same can be said of last year's sensational PPAP, it was really silly, made little to no sense, but made you burst out with laughter. People love to laugh, they will share what cracks them up and it will catch on.

Comedy needs to come naturally

It is said that the only difference between comedy and tragedy is timing. Comedy cannot be forced and it is not possible for people to be forced into laughing. It will come off looking like you are trying too hard. That is why some people are just funny, some aren't, even funny people are not always hitting the right notes. When it hits the right notes and is simply funny for reasons that cannot be explained, it reaches people easily.

  • Comedy creates great rapport- it is a trick used by salesmen for eons. Make your subject laugh and you are sure to get a positive reaction. It is an instant creator of rapport.

  • Attention grabbing- when a person sees a friend laughing, they will get attracted to what they are looking at and ask what's happening, it is a natural thing to be drawn to fun.

It adds surprise- a funny punch line is always a surprise. Also, people might not really be expecting a laugh when they are watching a promotional or an explainer video. A sudden laugh is always welcome.

Draw the line

The best thing about comedy is that it can explore thoughts and ideas that not many of us would normally be comfortable with. Comedians have always pushed boundaries and forced their audience to think about what is being said. Great comedians are always great thinkers and their ability to make such observations is what sets them apart. That, however cannot be said of business videos. There is a line that should never be crossed. The idea is to promote your brand first, that is the priority, not to make people think about life.

That is why you need the assistance of a professional New York production company like Melty Cone Video. With several years of experience and after creating hundreds of videos, we are the right people to make your videos just as funny as they need to while taking across the core message over to the audience.