Brand Video: NYC, New York, New Jersey


Melty Cone makes Brand Video in NYC, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. The expert video creators at Melty Cone ensure excellent video productions to highlight your business with style.

Brand videos are thriving and making its way swiftly in the online world. Marketers believe number of online viewers is increasing in US. A recent study shows that 193.1 million people in US watch online video content for once in a month at least. This generates an endless scope for brand video productions in near future.

Online viewers possess voracious longing for content and videos. An effective video is the key to attract consumers and increase sales leads as business people prefer video over content. The study says by the end of 2016, 86% of the online traffic comprises of brand videos.

The increasing competition demands excellence in brand video productions. Businesses either make impressive videos or stay out of it entirely. There’s no room for an ordinary video.

What makes a video exceptionally powerful is its originality. Businesses need appropriate strategies for creating persuasive brand videos like content strategy, marketing strategy and so on. These strategies help businesses to identify their target audience.

Melty Cone’s professionals work round the clock to ensure all the strategies have been applied to create a brilliant video to drive your business beyond imaginations.