Voice Over Services: NYC, New York, New Jersey


Melty Cone provides Voice Overs in NYC, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. Being one of the preeminent video production companies, Melty Cone is still heading towards excellence with purpose and fortitude. Our entire range of clients across the globe are mollified and happy with the high quality services we provide to them. We deal every client on one to one basis and gives equal priority to all the projects. For us every project is important and we foresee your success as ours. Therefore, our entire team pitches in every possible effort to make your video a real hit.

Voice over is something that many businesses just overlook. However, like all other important aspects of a video creation, voice overs should be given equal exertions and time to get the best out of it. Voice over services can be offered in many fields such as for audio books, video ads, presentations, animated movies, training tutorials and many more. Businesses should hire professionals to do the job to achieve best results.

Melty Cone feels pride in having a team of experts who don’t just know how to do voice-overs but how to do it perfectly. Just get an appointment from us, discuss all your requirements and that’s it. We know how to deal with rest of the process in a professional manner.