Viral Video Services NYC


Melty Cone provides Viral Video Services in NYC. We are known for creating compelling videos across the globe. Our star-studded team works round the clock to make quality proven videos for corporate and commercial clients.

A viral video is all about extra ordinary creativity and working beyond imaginations. You need to realize demands of your target audience and then act accordingly. There are thousands of videos available online but only few gets viral. The reason so few go viral depends on their originality, distinctiveness and persuasiveness. Businesses need to produce high quality, impressive videos that can make the difference. 

Professional video makers know the significance of 5Ws Who, What, When, Where any why. They know whom to target, what to convey, when to deliver, where to send and why to convince the audience. A powerful video covers all these aspects and persuades the audience proficiently. 

Melty Cone’s star-spangled team of creative and expert professionals comprehends the power of stunning videos and produce masterworks of its own kinds. We respect all our clients irrespective of their capacity and funds. We work on every project with same strengths and efforts to make it a hit. When it comes to making viral videos, Melty Cone is the only one that takes the pride to do that in a much smarter manner.