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Regardless of whether you own a business enterprise or are into the field of marketing, there is an urgent need for you to understand the power of viral videos in expanding your turf and reaching out to a wider base of potential audiences. While most companies nowadays are exploring novel ideas of enhancing their online video presence through client testimonials, company explainers and product demos, more often than not, these videos are just not enough to gather the kind of attention that you desire for your company. However, the one most effective way of spreading brand awareness and creating strong and loyal fan following among your customers is to go viral!

A glimpse into the world of viral videos

As per a simple-to-understand textbook definition, a viral video is basically a film, an animation or a video clip that is spread rapidly on the Internet through consecutive online shares and ends up becoming a rage among the viewers. These viral videos are often able to achieve over a million views within a short timeframe by being sent in emails, getting reposted on private and public blogs and being shared on social media websites. A subcategory known as promotional viral videos, are typically designed with an attention-grabbing marketing message and content that causes it to go viral and create brand awareness among viewers far and wide. A promotional viral video is typically considered as a critical aspect of the viral marketing strategies.

So what makes these promotional viral videos stand out?

Some of the most iconic promotional viral videos such as the Young Darth Vader for Volkswagen, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like for Old Spice and the Terry Tate and Office Linebacker for Reebok have effectively managed to create a revolution within the world of marketing. Speaking of which, you might wonder what really makes a promotional content go viral among a sea of other videos on the World Wide Web! The fact is that while there is no set formula for creating a video that has the ability to cause a furor among the audiences, it all boils down to its riveting pace and ability to hook people into taking a few minutes off their hectic schedule and watching it. And since most people online are on the lookout for relevant content, it is important for your viral video to not only be entertaining, but also bang on with respect to its basic theme and ideology.

Melty Cone: Your go to Viral Video Production Company in NYC

At Melty Cone, we understand your desire to be on the top and are therefore committed towards delivering highly innovative and specialized viral content to market your business. With Our team of highly talented and experienced professionals, we are able to create only the most premium quality content that is both original and has a distinctive appeal to it.

We take great efforts in identifying your target audience, understanding what you wish to convey and then creating viral videos that are able to not only capture the viewer’s attention, but also intrigues them enough to share it on their social medial profiles and blogs.

For more details on how we operate and how we can help you, please contact us!