Video Equipment Rental: NYC, New York, New Jersey


Melty Cone is a Video Equipment Rental in NYC, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. Our team is firmly striving to produce state-of-the-art visual content according to latest trends and with up-to-the-minute technology. Our dedication and excellence of service has made us simply the best over other contestants and we are pitching in more efforts to accomplish our goals even better.

A video is only a video till special efforts are rolled into it. To make video inspirational and impressive, businesses need to focus on every related aspect of it. You need a good script, a great location, excellent story telling technique, perfect crew and list goes on. Do you think that all? What else is significant when it comes to create compelling video? Yes, the equipment.

Modern equipment and cutting-edge technology are two inter-related concepts that plays very vital role for producing powerful videos. Sometimes a business can’t afford to buy their own equipment and end up contacting a video rental services provider.

Melty Cone in a realistic and professional way offer video equipment rental services to a wide range of its clients and charge them in an affordable manner. We can offer variety of high quality equipment to add light of success to your business.