Video Creative Direction Services: NYC, New York, New Jersey


Melty Cone is a Video Creative Direction Services in NYC, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. A company that is matchless and outstanding when it comes to generate creative content for its entire range of clientele. We offer everything related to direction services that any business can ever dream of. Clients prefer us for the excellent services we provide under the banner of Melty Cone.  

What is creative direction all about?  It is a blend of latest direction techniques applied with creativity and innovation to get the best out of every video. It is not a one man show. In fact the entire team of professionals try to pitch in their smart ideas from their creative minds to create inspiring videos. 

A creative video can be produced for many different reasons. Businesses sometime need videos to simply inspire the audience. Sometimes videos are produced to raise money. Corporations at times need videos to spread their word to the general public and so on. 

Melty Cone pays special attention to the requirement parameters of all its clients and deliver exactly what is required. Our expert and creative team members just know how to create distinctive videos having different objectives. We offer creative direction services for all kinds of videos under one roof.