Video Budgeting Company NYC


Melty Cone is a Video Budgeting Company in NYC. Our online portfolio of videos demonstrates our capabilities and proficiencies in this field. We create compelling visual content of all kinds. No matter what kind of video you are aiming to produce. Our competent team is highly creative and skillful in their jobs to achieve the targets.

When starting work on any video production project, one of the most important things to do is to know and understand what your budget is. Everything costs money, especially when it comes to making a video, so you need to shop around and be wary of how much money you have.

As artists, it’s easy to forget that you’re also running a business and a key part to any successful business is effectively spending and saving your money. When providing a client with an estimate, the best way to start is to try to get an idea as to what it is they’re looking for. Ask questions and try to create a spreadsheet of everything that you’re going to need to spend money on in order to make this a reality.

The real challenge when budgeting for a project is the estimate. A video producer can’t give the client an exact number right off the bat. So, the best thing to do is give them an estimate.

Melty Cone is a great video service that understands all of this. At Melty Cone, we know we have competitive prices because we understand this.  While we can’t give our clients an exact number, we can guarantee that our prices are fair and reasonable. We work with many startup companies and love every minute of it.