Transportation Video Production New York


Melty Cone is a transportation video production company in New York. As with any sort of video production, planning is essential. When making a transportation or vacation video, it’s important to research your destination and to figure out what video equipment you’ll need. You don’t want to travel to a destination only to find out you forgot something important, but at the same time less is better. Let’s say, for example, you’re making a video about camping. You don’t want to have to lug around big heaving pieces of equipment on your hike, but at the same time, you don’t want to compromise on quality. This is another reason research is so important and this can also be applied to filming on the water or while on a tour. You don’t want to have a low battery when your campsite is miles of a hike away.

Additionally, make sure your themes or ideas are  consistent with the rest of the video; you can also compare different locations if you’ve traveled to more than one destination.

Finally, what’s also important to remember when filming is to shoot to edit. This ties back to planning ahead; have a script in mind for narration so the lines are short, original, and interesting. Also, the video should be 30 minutes maximum and if your footage is well-organized and you’ve got things like establishing shots, ambient sound, etc., then the editing process will be as easy as it can be. You’ll have only the important information in your video because you planned ahead.  

If this whole process sounds a bit daunting, it’s because it is. If you’ve never shot a video before, a mistake will most likely be made. So, it’s important to hire professionals, like the people at Melty Cone Video. We know what we’re doing as we’re a full-service production company. We handle everything in the pre-production, production, and post-production process, so you can be confident when hiring us. We understand and know how to research and what to look for when it comes to travel videos. Our experienced production team always communicates and gets the job done efficiently and quickly. Best of all, we know and understand what equipment's needed on different trips, and we have it all! So, don’t miss out on a great travel video! If done by Melty Cone, it'll be done correctly!