Restaurant Video Production New York


Melty Cone is a restaurant video production company in New York. Owning your own business is competitive enough, but one of the toughest businesses out there is owning your own restaurant. Statistically, many restaurants fail within the first year of opening because of lack of preparation. Many chefs who love to cook open their own restaurant without realizing that cooking is only 20% of the work. These establishments are first a business and as a business owner, it's important to do what you can to stand out from the competition. One great way to do this is to feature a video on your website and online.

If done correctly, featuring a video will not only give you a strong online presence, but it’ll really show what your business can offer.  Videos offer a virtual tour into the atmosphere of your restaurant and can also really show off the special dishes that you offer. It’s the next best thing from your customers actually standing in the restaurant. You can also feature qualities that make your establishment unique. This is where companies like Melty Cone Video come in.

Melty Cone Video understands how hard it can be to get your new business off the ground. We specialize in startup companies, so we can sit down with you and try to figure out what unique qualities to feature in your video. Also, with our experienced film crew, we’ll make sure that your video looks unique and professional. Lighting, audio, and atmosphere will all be perfect and help to create a mood that will appeal to potential customers.

If you’re worried about cost, the fact of the matter is that not featuring a video on your website will cost you as well. Fortunately, we offer affordable options so we can help work with you, whatever your budget is. You don’t want to be one of those many failed restaurants and Melty Cone doesn’t want that for you either.