Mobile Content Video Services New York


Melty Cone is a Mobile Content Video Services Company in New York. Melty Cone is one of the leading content generation companies in the city. Our team of expert professionals know how to create high quality content for mobiles and other mediums.

Content generation is all about creativity and style. The persuasive and impressive content is the key to success for any business. Viewers like distinctive videos, commercials and content. If you have exceptional specialists who can create persuasive content then you can attract more consumers worldwide.

Good quality content is not only needed for articles or brochures rather it is equally important for a video as well. Successful scripts can make your video significant or insignificant. That’s why an impressive content is always in demand.

Professional content generators know the power of words and thus they create content that can make the difference. They think out of the box to produce something different and attractive. They keep in mind the time constraint while writing for the mobile audience. They know they have to grasp viewers’ attention in first couple of seconds otherwise the audience will switch for another content.

Melty Cone takes the credit to own a team of brilliant and creative content creators who are capable enough to produce impressive mobile content.