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Melty Cone is a Marketing Video Company in NYC, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut.

Just last year, the business world saw a massive upsurge in video marketing. This included all formats; right from Facebook Live to 360. So, it’s official – video marketing is a big deal. Every business out there is leveraging the power of video marketing to make an impact within their respective markets.

And you know what? It’s working. Businesses have begun to see what video can do for their bottom line.

As to why it’s working? Well, the answer is quite simple – the consumer doesn’t have time to go through a thousand words of textual content. They prefer to get their information from a video.

Around 78% of people watch videos on a weekly basis, while 55% engage with videos on a daily basis. With numbers like that, it really isn’t too hard to see why video marketing is a growing trend.

If you’re still skeptical, let us convince you furthermore with a few key points.

Increased conversion and sales

One of the biggest advantages with video is that they can earn you some major profits. For example, simply outing up a video on your website’s landing page can boost your conversion rate by 80%. This applies to almost every business category and not just a select few.

In fact, videos have a direct impact on sales. For instance, it was once found that 74% of people who watched an explainer video for a product actually ended up buying the product.

Videos are quite effective and this is mostly to do with the fact that, we, as humans, are visual animals. Everything we do is dependent on our vision and that includes deciding what product to buy. So, as long as humans stay that way, visual tools such as video will continue to have a tremendous impact on our buying behavior.

Top-notch ROI!

The ROI or Return-On-Investment with video is great. Around 76% of businesses that employ video marketing strategies have found this to be true. Of course, the video doesn’t come cheap, but, when you consider the ROI, the investment is worth every penny.

The good news is that, as technology evolves, video production tools will only get cheaper. So you’ve got that going for you as well.

In fact, you can record high-resolution videos with ease even today- all you need is your smartphone!

Video builds trust

Another factor about the video, that isn’t apparent at first, is that it can boost trust.

Now, trust is something that matters significantly for businesses. If customers can’t trust you, they obviously won’t buy from you.

So, how do you establish trust?

Well, you begin by offering information to your customers and showing them live examples of what your product is capable of and what you can offer to them as a business. Now, the video makes this much easier. By providing examples of how your product works or what goes into creating it, you’re making your business transparent.

Customers get to see what goes on behind the scenes and if they are satisfied with what they see, their trust in you is sure to increase.

Melty Cone Video can help!

At Melty Cone Video NYC, we can meet all your video marketing requirements and help you obtain the benefits that come with video marketing. We have the right tools, the right people, and the right expertise.

We’ll work with your right from beginning to end and make sure you get the results you’re looking for.

With all the different editing software, affordable film equipment, and social media websites out there, video-making is more accessible than it has ever been. However, making a video isn’t as easy as it looks. There’s a lot that goes into making a great video, but if a good one isn’t featured on a website, it can hurt a business.

A marketing video on a company’s website is an essential part of any successful business because it helps to set it apart. Also, studies have shown that videos increase customer engagement on a website by 50% and if there isn’t a video on the website, 25% of customers lose interest in the website.

Videos on websites can include things like interviews with satisfied or loyal customers (record their answers to questions asked and put them in the video). This allows potentially new customers to physically see past clients saying great things about any business, which is very powerful.

Even though a video is a great feature on a website, making one is very time-consuming, as there’s a lot of work that goes into making a professional video. That's time you could be spending doing other things for the company, and if the video has a lot of mistakes, it looks unprofessional.

Fortunately, there are companies like Melty Cone Video that can do all this hard work for you, the business owner, as we know what we’re doing. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure you have a great marketing video that will promote your company. Don’t gamble with your company, hire professionals to create an effective, professional marketing video.