Manufacturing Video Production NYC


Melty Cone is a manufacturing video production company in NYC. Shows like Dirty JobsHow It’s Made, etc., are examples of recorded footage showing the manufacturing process. When you make a manufacturing video, it’s important to include all the steps necessary to make any object. It’s also important to include the hard-working people who put these products together.

The overall purpose of a manufacturing video is to educate people and students as to how something is made; it helps everyone to appreciate the hard work that others do to make life easier. Therefore, it’s important to show every step/process that goes into making whichever product the video is covering. This is achieved by either starting at the very beginning or showing the object as a disassembled piece. For example, if you're covering the guitar-making process, decide whether you want to start at the point where the tree is cut down or at the point where the wood is shaped for the body of the guitar.

Also, you don’t need to show everything in video format, for example, you could include some trivia in text format. Asking your audience a question and answering it after a moment makes the video interactive and fun.

If you’ve never made a video before, it’s easy to make a mistake or leave out important information/material that’s needed. Therefore, it’s a good idea to hire a production company like Melty Cone Video that can do the work for you. We cover every step of the video production process from start to finish. This way, you know you’re hiring a company that communicates well and plans out the production process thoroughly. We promise that because we’re prepared, we won’t miss any important information, which will make a fun and educational video for viewers.