Location Scouting Services: NYC, New York, New Jersey


Melty Cone provides Location Scouting in NYC, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. Melty Cone has an edge for having the sought-after repute of producing best visual content for its entire range of clientele across the globe. For us every client is imperative and deserves identical efforts from our experts to promote their businesses to the next level.

Selection of a location is an effervescent step in the entire process of video production. There should be absolute alliance and connotation between the location and the visual scenes. A good site can really make a big divergence and persuade the audience in an impressive manner. A perfect location can be a call to action for the users if selected smartly.

A closer tie and series of discussions between video producers and the clients cannot be overlooked because that’s the only way to fathom the requirement parameters in its true sense.

Melty Cone grasps entire theme of the video in an effective manner and its team of expert professionals know the consequences of selecting the best location for the shoot. Our location scouts are well trained to provide location scouting services in a paramount manner to all its clients. We perform a detailed analysis for each project prior to select the shooting site and thus come up with the unsurpassed recommendation.