Instructional Video Services NYC


Melty Cone is an Instructional Video Services Company in NYC. A place where you will find expert engineers, technicians, designers, video makers, script writers and other professional staff that are pitching in their constant efforts to create masterpieces.

Instructional videos are different from commercial or branded videos. It is a kind of video tutorial where things are being explained in a form of instructions and directions. How to videos are the best examples of instructional videos. Being different from other type of videos doesn’t mean they are easy to create. Producing an instructional video requires techniques and skills the same way any other video demands. 

First of all you need to plan your video. Try to gather all the information you want to show the audience. Instructional video is more informative than of persuasive. It follows a kind of mixed strategies. You need to be informative and at the same time persuasive and impressive too.  

Melty Cone owns a team of outclass and skilled professionals who know how to present an information in a way that impresses the audience. Instructional videos are not only created to grab the attention of viewers but also to make them understand about the concept in detail.