Instagram Video Production New York


Melty Cone is an Instagram Video Production Company in New York. Our team comprises of expert professionals including editors, technicians, designers, animators and engineers to produce outshine videos that leave a long lasting impact on the audience.

Videos on Instagram, Facebook and any other social media are shorter in duration as compared to other mediums. There is a considerable change in the trend for making online videos. The audience now prefer brief videos more than ever. To catch the wave businesses are practicing the same style to satisfy the market.

Placing a promotional or branded video on Instagram is the best way to unfold your business ideas to the general public. Most of the time just uploading a video doesn’t work. Reason being is the ineffective and unimpressive video on the board. You need to make a video that is compelling enough to attract wide span of viewers. That’s the point where businesses need professionals and experts to do the job.

Melty Cone – an innovator in the field of digital video making is always there to create master blaster videos for its clients worldwide. When we talk about compelling visual content then no one can create that better than we do.