Fitness Video Production New York


Melty Cone is a fitness video production company in New York. When making a fitness video, as with any video-making process, planning ahead and budgeting is everything.

When it comes to fitness training videos, and with any video, it’s important to meet with the client first to figure out what it is that they want. After this, make a spreadsheet to determine the overall budget; this will help you to learn what you can and cannot do. For example, you should decide if you want the workout video to feature a series of workouts or one workout. This will make a difference in the overall cost and your budget.  

Truthfully, if everything is planned out correctly, the production process will be a lot more fun. This will lead to a relaxed crew and cast, which makes for a better workout video. Adding to that, it’s important that the trainer is upbeat and fun on camera. The energy needs to be high so that the viewers will enjoy themselves while getting a great workout. All of this is accomplished when planning is done correctly and efficiently.

One production company that understands this process wholeheartedly is Melty Cone Video. We work with our clients from beginning to end. We understand how to smoothly manage a production because we handle everything from start to finish. This is important when dealing with a production crew; communication is easier, which makes collaboration easier. This, in turn, makes filming easier and more enjoyable, resulting in a great product.