Facebook Video Services New York


Melty Cone is a Facebook Video Services Company in New York. We are known for creating star-studded videos for a huge number of clientele across the globe. The experts at Melty Cone know the value of high quality visual content and thus they create awesome videos that can go viral in no time.

Facebook itself has got viral nowadays. A recent claim says that daily more than 8 billion video views are noticed on Facebook. Videos on Facebook are a huge opportunity for marketers and businesses to spread their words.  

It is the best platform so far to share anything that needs to be widespread in minutes. Not every video people share becomes a hit. To impress and persuade a large span of online audience requires sincere efforts and intense innovation.

There are few things to remember while making Facebook videos. Always add caption in your videos while telling your brand story to the audience. You may add sound as well but that’s a plus.

Melty Cone staff is trained specifically to create dazzling videos. Whether it is about making a TV commercial or a Facebook video our team is perfect in making attention-grabbing videos to attract maximum consumers for your business.