Crowdfunder Video Production New York


Melty Cone is a Crowdfunder Video Production Company in New York. Melty Cone’s team create good pitch videos for startup and established companies in a persuasive manner to generate leads.

In case of crowd funding videos, every share can increase the chance of getting heard. The more the video gets viral the more people will know about it. Production of an impressive video needs dedication and an absolute attitude to create a masterpiece. Only professionals with this meticulous mindset can create videos that can make the difference.

Videos with right length and great script are always captivating. Additionally you need to know the art of storytelling. A perfect video trigger the emotions of the audience in a way that they are induced to support your idea with investments.

Crowdfunding videos are produced after extensive research and absolute analysis regarding the target audience. Having the knack of convincing online viewers is the key to success. Impressing the audience is just one part of a great video. Complete success lies in its ability to trigger the viewers to finance the idea.

Melty Cone with its team of experts, pitching in every possible effort to create impressive and persuasive crowdfunding videos for the audience.