Construction Video Production NYC


Melty Cone is a construction video production company in NYC. Incorporating a video on any website is beneficial for any business. When it comes to a construction company, specifically, potential customers will usually want to see a visual representation of that company’s past work. This is because it increases their confidence that they’ll be hiring the right company to do the job. For example, one of the great things about a well-made video is that it can visually feature past satisfied customers talking about their great experience with your company.

Furthermore, a video is a great way to show off what your company can do from start to finish. The before and after footage is great to show to your potential customers. Also, this is beneficial for you as you’ll be able to look back at where the electrical, plumbing and framing was placed.

With that being said, it’s a good idea to hire professionals who can include every important detail and really show off your business. If there are mistakes in a video, it will look unprofessional.   

A lot is riding on your company’s video to turn out great, so why gamble with the results? Hire a full-service, professional, video making company like Melty Cone Video. We have extensive experience with making videos that, not only sell a company but keep customers coming back for more.

You’ll also receive high-quality documentation as to where all the features of a past project are located. It will make your life easier because you’ll be organized and be able to show off your business in a professional and visual way.