Branded Content Services NYC


Melty Cone is a Branded Content Services company in NYC. Melty Cone is successfully generating high quality and unique content to make your brand standout among others.

Branded content is about targeting content within the brand. It is always created for businesses. Corporations just directly advertise about their product or service in a creative and entertaining way to grasp viewers’ attention. It is a way different from content brand approach where a reliable relation is built with the audience first and these loyal viewers are then converted into customers.

Content creators should understand this major difference that branded content is absolutely different from content marketing. One cannot combine the two distinct approaches under one banner.

Branded content is truly about storytelling. A good story can provoke consumers’ interests in your brand. Businesses can highlight personalized practices into productive stories to target more customers. An effective story shows how good a product or service is. It should be inspiring and innovative. The customers should find story characters relatable to their surroundings.

The creative experts at Melty Cone differentiate well between content brand and branded content. By following latest trends and techniques, Melty Cone’s expert professionals produce persuasive branded content to highlight your business competencies with style.