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Branding Through Video Tips

If you’re looking to “humanize” your brand, there is only one tool that’s as good as actual human interaction – video. By creating informative and interesting videos, you can communicate to your consumers and other stakeholders what your brand is all about and the value it offers.

A video is a brilliant tool that can do a lot for your brand, from boosting your visibility to strengthening your reputation.

Irrespective of the kind of video you’re producing; the basic branding principles remain the same. The video must represent your image and cater to the requirements of your audience. Let’s explore further.

The basics

Make sure your introduction is effective. Studies show that most viewers lose interest quickly if the introduction isn't effective.

Secondly, focus on viewer retention. Apart from hooking your viewers and holding them, you also need to make sure that the content keeps them glued. A study on YouTube videos found that videos that were not shorter than 5 minutes ranked higher in terms of viewership.

Make sure there is a Call to Action at the end and incorporate keywords into the title to boost search rankings. Use keywords for your summary as well.

Share the video across multiple platforms such as social media, your website, and blog. This increases your reach. However, make sure it is uploaded onto YouTube first. After that, you can embed it onto the other platforms. That way, you’ll be able to determine viewer engagement.

Leverage video types

When it comes to video branding, there are different styles you will need to incorporate. One particular example would be product description videos. These videos are great for introducing your product and speaking of its benefits and value.

However, make sure your audience can understand the content. Don’t get too technical.

Similarly, you can also try presenting case studies in the form of video. This serves as a far better option to textual content. After all, a short video is much more engaging than a PDF document with multiple pages.

Address pain points. Keep it informative

Videos that get the most views are the ones that inform the viewer. They must tell your viewers about what your brand is all about and what really goes into the products or services you provide.

Also, address the pain points of your customers. Is there something about your product that your customers are having trouble with? Discuss this in your video and provide them with a solution. Show them what needs to be done to overcome the issue. Instructions via video are better understood than textual instructions.

Tell them a story

One effective video branding strategy is storytelling. This could be a story about how your brand began its journey or how you came up with a product as a solution to an existing problem. Think of this as a more engaging version of your website’s “About Us” page.

People love a story because it resonates with them. When you offer a unique interpretation of how everything started, it strikes a chord with the viewers.

There are a number of video production companies in NYC, however, it is important that you choose a professional one, like Melty Cone Video, to make a video to promote your brand effectively.

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Branded content is about targeting content within the brand. It is always created for businesses. Corporations just directly advertise about their product or service in a creative and entertaining way to grasp viewers’ attention. It is a way different from content brand approach where a reliable relation is built with the audience first and these loyal viewers are then converted into customers.

Content creators should understand this major difference that branded content is absolutely different from content marketing. One cannot combine the two distinct approaches under one banner.

Branded content is truly about storytelling. A good story can provoke consumers’ interests in your brand. Businesses can highlight personalized practices into productive stories to target more customers. An effective story shows how good a product or service is. It should be inspiring and innovative. The customers should find story characters relatable to their surroundings.

The creative experts at Melty Cone differentiate well between content brand and branded content. By following latest trends and techniques, Melty Cone’s expert professionals produce persuasive branded content to highlight your business competencies with style.