Advantages of Shooting Film Over Digital Today

We live in a world where photographs and video production are mainly taken with digital image sensors, there are, however, a growing number of photographers who are also interested in film formats of the past. The effect of film shots in videos that tell a story or give a background description is quite aesthetically pleasing.



Photographers usually compare both digital and analog formats, to ensure that their photography skills and efforts will result in sharp, high-resolution photographs. With the development in digital image sensors, the resolution can be determined by counting the number of pixels within a given area. The film, however, does not have pixels, and a film's resolving power is analyzed and calculated through angular resolution. Similar to different sensors that produce different resolutions, there are different types of film that can also create different resolutions. A medium format or large format film camera can deliver and exceed the same resolution of Phase One's latest $40,000 camera system. Although the resolution of the film camera in video production may be slightly grainy and not as sharp as digital results, the effect gives it a more natural feel to it.

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The significant and distinct grainy appearance that film photography produce gives the images a lot more personality and aesthetic value than the clean, sharp ones from digital cameras. During  video post production, some photographers prefer the method matters more than the result, sometimes. A number of these photographers use film to shoot their artistic projects because it requires more work than digital. When they get an opportunity to create photos and videos with their own hands, it becomes a more involved and personal process.



Digital cameras can change film speeds between individual photographs. Nowadays, the favorite roll films can keep the ISO constant across the entire roll. There is, however, an exception with large format cameras that primarily use one sheet at a time, which makes it possible to switch between shots. Some photographers use the amount of contrast within an image to create the ideal look they desire. Shooting with film is considerably a slower process, but the data collected while editing and processing are usually unique during video production.



There are random appearances of small textures that you find within a photograph which is referred to as digital noise or film grain. When we consider analog film, there are small chemical particles that do not receive enough light, which results in forming grains. In digital image sensors, the film grain is a result of unwanted signals that are created by the camera’s digital circuit, which can be a result of excess heat. By increasing the ISO of a digital camera or by selecting a high-speed film, you can make your photographs more susceptible to noise and grain. Digital noise is usually an unwanted phenomenon in photos and in the video production, but, however, with black and white images, there are a few photographers who perceive the grain as a way to add character to their videos and photos.



One of the most significant reasons to shoot with an analog film over digital is the dynamic range. When you begin to consider the fact that the scope of an image is a complex range of processes, with the sensors used, the type of file compression, and other factors, then, digital has an advantage over an analog film. There are a lot of Film cameras that have approximately 13 stops of dynamic range, and nowadays, modern digital cameras average about 14 stops of dynamic range.



There are different chemicals in film that influences how it renders light and color. When photographers start to experiment with various film stocks, they begin to become more familiar with their uniqueness and they eventually, learn how to use them.

Sensitivity affects the type of chemicals present in any particular kind of film, and some movies tend to create sharp photos that are almost indistinguishable to digital images, while others produce subdued colors or pictures that are contrasted. When you watch videos that are shot in the film, you can see how much colors affect the whole tone of the video.



When compared to digital, film isn't dependent on power. There is no primary dependency on electricity to develop or print and save images. 

Digital technology has developed immensely over the years, and it has to an extent, surpassed film in many aspects. However, there is still so much more aesthetic value to film, and one of the most evident reasons to shoot with analog may be the resolution that you obtained from medium format cameras. Many photographers have admitted to relishing the process of shooting analog, as it gives them a more personal and authentic experience. Everyone has their preferences, and only after you've had experience using both kinds of camera equipment, will you notice the difference. You can rent and hire professional video production agencies and video production companies in NYC with specialized videographers to film and capture special events, or events that have an important cause or concept behind it.

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