360 Video Services NYC


Melty Cone is a 360 video production company in NYC. When you want to film a 360-degree video, it’s all about using the right camera and accessories to get the effect that you want. This includes the HD Go-Pro camera and a camera holder or some rigs. The holders strategically position 6 – 7 cameras that capture all the images at once, as they’re filming simultaneously.  

Once the footage is recorded, you’ll need a special kind of editing software to put all of it together. The most popular software is the Kolor Autopano Video software that works for both Macs and Windows.

Finally, the last step is to upload your footage to YouTube, which isn’t easy with the 360-degree footage. For example, unlike regular video production, the first step is to scrub the video through a 360-degree app.    

As you can see, making a 360-degree video isn’t easy. Fortunately, there are production companies like Melty Cone Video that have all the latest equipment with employees who know how to use it. Why spend all that money on all that equipment that you’ll then have to learn how to use (you know the first time around you’ll make a mistake)? When you pay a professional production company that has and knows how to use the equipment, it will save you both time and money. So, let our company help your company.