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Why 360-Degree Video Marketing is Important

Technology is evolving at a constant rate and businesses need to keep up with this evolution if they intend to remain relevant. Of course, not everything that technology throws our way is inherently beneficial. However, some things are.

Currently, one of those things happens to be the 360-Degree Video. A 360-degree video, as the name indicates, is video recorded in 360 degrees. The key benefit with a 360-degree video recording is that you get to view a given environment from multiple perspectives.

It’s an immersive viewing experience that’s been quite the rage recently.

However, the 360-degree video isn’t limited to pure entertainment. It has also been observed to have a significant impact on businesses.

Here’s what Google found out

Google recently conducted an experiment where it tested a 360-degree video advertisement against a standard format video advertisement. Both ads were non-promoted and unlisted, but, did have a measurable CTA (Call to Action) at the end.

The results of the test were quite interesting. The 360-degree video didn’t do too well in terms of view-through rates. However, the click-through rate was much higher. Additionally, the video was subscribed, shared, and viewed more as well.

To be more specific, the view count on the 360-degree video was 46% more than it was on the standard video. People who watched the 360-degree video ad were also likelier to share it. On the whole, the 360-degree video was found to be more cost-efficient. Its cost-per-view was significantly lower.

The takeaway here is that people obviously engage more with 360-degree videos.


You’re probably wondering why the 360-degree video advertisement, in particular, managed to get the response it did. Well, the answer to that is quite simple – 360-degree video offers better engagement while being more immersive.

It allows the viewer to take control of what they see. Studies in the field of psychology have shown that this matters because people love what they can control. A 360-degree video does exactly that – it allows the viewer to set the narrative.

By placing the viewer into a life-like scenario, you are able to replicate real life situations and evoke appropriate responses.

Your business can make the most of 360

Working with 360-degree video isn’t too different from working with standard video. The core principles are the same – you need to focus on your primary message and also, your target audience.  Learn to leverage the benefits offered by 360-degree video, but, don’t let it overpower you.

Also, focus on the technical aspects of a 360-degree video. To begin with, determine how the content will be watched. Each platform has its own pros and cons. For example, Facebook’s 360-degree videos still don’t play properly on the Apple platform.

But, on the whole, 360 is definitely something to keep an eye on in terms of video marketing. Though it may not work for every brand or product category, it does offer a ton of benefits. Therefore, it’s important enough to be, at the very least, considered as a viable marketing tool for your business.

You can approach Melty Cone Video, a professional video production company in NYC that has several years of experience in the field and an enviable reputation, to make a 360-degree video to promote your brand.

When you want to film a 360-degree video, it’s all about using the right camera and accessories to get the effect that you want. This includes the Nokia Ozo, Go-Pro Odyssey & Omni, Jaunt One, Freedom 360 and 360 Heroes using Go-Pros. The cameras strategically position numerous cameras that capture all the images at once, as they’re filming simultaneously.  

Once the footage is recorded, you’ll need a special kind of editing software to stitch all of it together. The most popular software is the Kolor Autopano Video software that works for both Macs and Windows.

Finally, the last step is to upload your footage to YouTube or Facebook (the two most popular 360 platforms on the internet), which isn’t easy with the 360-degree footage. For example, unlike regular video production, the first step is to scrub the video through a 360-degree app.

As you can see, making a 360-degree video isn’t easy. Fortunately, there are production companies like Melty Cone Video that have all the latest equipment with employees who know how to use it. Why spend all that money on all that equipment that you’ll then have to learn how to use (you know the first time around you’ll make a mistake)? When you pay a professional production company that has and knows how to use the equipment, it will save you both time and money. So, let our company help your company.